About Us

The business began in 1989 as a sub-contract precision engineering company. The business grew and developed and around January 2000 we began to specialise in the manufacture of Vee-pulleys. We are now one of the most competitive manufacturers of bespoke pulleys in the UK. We offer the full package; low prices, quick service from start to finish and no hassle! We can make most sizes of pulleys and have a network of local stockholding to support us if required. Our business is currently expanding and we are looking forward to providing the UK with more outstanding products. Our highly skilled team of engineers provide experience, expertise and advice to the sales team in order to ensure quality, reliability and accuracy of products designed and manufactured. Dedicated to meeting the exact needs of our customers we provide durable, high quality pulleys and our customer service is second to none!

Blackburn Power Ltd is a precision engineering company based in the North West of England. We are one of the largest pulley manufacturing companies in the UK creating vee-pulleys and poly-vee pulleys. This industry demands durable, high quality products able to withstand heat and high revolutions. We supply various industries with pulleys including papermills, quarries, automotive and military.

Specialising in SPA, SPB, SPC, SPD section pulleys and 3V, 5V,and 8V section for industry from 50mm to 2000mm diameter our pulleys are made to customer specification. All our pulleys are constructed using outstanding quality materials such as aluminium, 250 grade cast iron and steel. Our UK delivery service will ensure your order reaches you within 24 hours from completion. For enquiries and quotes please use the quote page of our website or contact us by phone or email. At Blackburn Power we pride ourselves on an efficient, quality service which you can rely on hassle free.